UIC Music Program 



UIC currently offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Music, a Bachelor of Music degree in Performance, and a Bachelor of Music degree in Jazz Studies. 


Because the music profession is so diverse, the major curriculum at the University of Illinois at Chicago emphasizes skills and knowledge that are fundamental to the entire discipline. Core course requirements for all majors include two years of work in theory, aural skills and piano, five semesters of history and literature, and courses in analysis and ethnomusicology. Beyond the core courses, each of the three degrees add more specific courses. Performance and Jazz Studies majors are required to participate in an ensemble every semester in which they are enrolled, while BA in Music majors are required to participate in an ensemble for four terms.


For those who qualify for the Performance degree, the program offers opportunities for private study in piano, voice, orchestral and band instruments with some of Chicago’s most outstanding artist-teachers. For those who qualify for Jazz Studies, the program provides private study and small ensemble work with leading Chicago jazz artists. In order to be fully considered for Performance or Jazz Studies, students must perform an audition for UIC Faculty.


Many of the program’s graduates pursue advanced degrees in music. Others find employment as performers, teachers, or composers in a wide variety of settings. A minimum of 120 semester hours is required for graduation. For more information on degree requirements or auditions, write to music@uic.edu